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Setting new standards and defining the future of publishing

Magus Digital draws on a background and extensive experience that covers a combination of creative and technical disciplines. These include web development, art, design and marketing; writing and journalism; and the direction of publication production teams delivering for both screen and print outcomes.

Because the underlying technologies are drawn from these activities Magus Digital has an extremely good understanding of what an eBook is (and indeed what it could and should be). And, because high quality, attention to detail and exceptional production values have always been its core objectives; and are what set standards and achieve differentiation in the marketplace; Magus Digital is pushing the boundaries of what is possible to prove what may be done with this exciting medium.

Beautiful eBooks

Magus Digital makes beautiful eBooks. It is a pathfinder in evolving territory and by overcoming the challenges that this presents is contributing to the book of the future and the future of publishing.

The aim is always a seamless experience of outstanding visual presentation, fluid design, interoperability and practical functionality. This means Magus Digital has accumulated in depth specialist knowledge of how to develop content for publication as ePUB eBooks, including for the emergent interactive ePUB 3 standards; and for derivative or related formats of these; in order to give a maximised user-experience on devices with e-reader capabilities, as diverse as the iPad, Kindle, Kindle Fire, NOOK and Android tablets, as well as mobile devices and via desktop readers.

Publishing services

Because Magus Digital has a better grasp of how eBook production differs from that of a printed work in comparison to much of the traditional publishing sector; and understands how both should sit in relation to content separated and asset managed processes; it supplies eBook production services and supportive consultancy to the wider industry.

Our Imprints

Since the creative potential is evident too and there is no better proof of concept than doing, Magus Digital is also active as an independent publisher, working with authors and content creators through its own imprints, which include Solus Press, ifBooks and WritersReadersDirect, to bring eBook editions to global, long-tail, audiences using its knowledge of digital distribution and marketing, as well as its eBook production skills.

The digital dimension

The focus is not only on eBooks though. Magus Digital fully understands the possibilities of working with the digital print industry and therefore taking some editions forward as Print on Demand (POD) solutions is also a possible option.


Active cooperation with other pioneering ventures in publishing and technology, together with an interest in the education and training sector, means there is also a strand to what Magus Digital does that involves the evolution of the eBook textbook market and the way in which that enables self-directed learning and the democratisation of knowledge.

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