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What is Enterprise Intelligence Software?

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Enterprise Intelligence Software has been evolving for over a decade and has now reached a level of maturity that makes it indispensible for all types of information gathering, analysis and research. Since the arrival of the Internet, knowledge, communications and archived materials have transformed into massive, unstructured, widely distributed, digital resources. These are continually being added to by the data and publications of academia, public institutions, government and commercial interests, though much lies beyond formal organisation and control in social and self-published content.

In simple terms the technology significantly extends the reach of human intelligence and multiplies its capacity to find relevant information hugely. At the same time its artificial intelligence helps identify concepts and trends within what is being gathered and supports the analysis of it. Allied to suitable expertise and insight this is a powerful combination that may accelerate the research process, improve its reliability, uncover unknown sources and reveal patterns and interconnections that are not obvious, or show faceted directions for further investigation.

It differs from conventional search software by seeking to identify meaning and progressively collecting and pursuing the corresponding information. It is capable of complex search concepts and does not simply return the most promoted content from a maintained index. The accumulation of intelligence is on-going and although it typically targets Internet Intelligence other data sources may be connected too. It is able to access digital resources behind user names and passwords and may annex the output of another retrieval system as one of the specified sources it attaches to. Chance findings may also be added to the knowledgebase manually. Enterprise Intelligence Software is capable of monitoring social networks as well.

The integrity of the information found is also a differentiating factor. A supporting suite enables evaluation, collation, assessment, additive input, analysis, collaboration and the output of information in easy to digest publication channels.

What is it used for?

The software used by Magus Digital for its Digital Intelligence Research and Analysis, Social Media Research and Internet Mining, is at the forefront of the field. It is a genuine Enterprise Intelligence system that enables internet monitoring, internet intelligence development and evidence-based horizon scanning, for use in competitive intelligence, market assessment, brand and reputation management, informed product development, passive crowd sourcing, anti-money laundering, pre-employment screening, e-discovery, identification of early warning signals and assessment of security, threat and risk. Deployed in multiple countries, languages and industries this innovative solution is used in the most demanding of information processing environments.

The case study presentation provided, which uses the American Express organisation as an illustration ably demonstrates the range of this technology.

See also: Knowledge is power: a White Paper on Enterprise Intelligence

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