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Magus Digital's Strategic Media Consultancy

Magus Digital has a strong background in digital technologies and environments and is able to call on extensive experience and expertise, which encompasses a wide range of interrelated possibilities.At first sight some these subject specialisms may not appear directly connected, however, Magus Digital's insight into how solutions can work together and how technology may be applied is its strength in a world increasingly underpinned by communications channels, production systems and deliverable outcomes that are all digitally enabled.

The application of this understanding to assist clients to make sense and take advantage of the rapidly evolving markets in which their businesses must compete and be sustainable is what Strategic Media Consultancy is.

eBook Production and Publishing Consultancy

Magus Digital provides expert eBook production services and is able to support publishers in the development of their e-publications, or in the development and implementation of their publishing strategies. We are also able to help professional publishers and designers make use of digital solutions. Magus Digital has its own virtual publishing house and eBook imprints, which demonstrate the effectiveness of its approaches by publishing role model examples and bringing them to market. As the traditional industry declines there is an opportunity to redefine what publishing is and Magus Digital is working with authors, content creators, publishers and special interest groups to establish that future.

As well as content creation for online and multimedia deliverables, video and interactive presentations, Magus Digital's background includes professional writing, photography and design direction, for books and magazines; and the management and direction of Corporate Website and Content Management System implementation projects. This explains a particular interest in the future of publishing, where it is believed that the technologies that are eroding its traditional markets also offer the potential for a renaissance.

Intelligent Marketing

Magus Digital also offers extensive practical experience of digital marketing, Internet intelligence harvesting for reputation management, research and horizon scanning; and customer-focus and usability consultancy; all of which provides creative insight and innovative thinking for forward looking digital solutions. An understanding of today's multi-channel, multi-platform and multi-device marketplace, where media convergence and fragmented 'tribal' audiences are considerations, supports these activities.

The almost unique combination of skills available here has already provided path finding direction to Variable Data Publication applications for marketing and as a result Magus Digital benefits from the experience of leading a co-developed project in this area that has taken three UK industry awards and was subsequently shortlisted for a fourth.

Digital Intelligence and Social Media Research

Magus Digital's extensive practical experience of Digital Intelligence Research and Analysis, Social Media Research and Internet Mining using Enterprise Intelligence Software has been evolving for over a decade and has now reached a level of maturity that makes it indispensible for all types of information gathering, analysis and research. Since the arrival of the Internet, knowledge, communications and archived materials have transformed into massive, unstructured, widely distributed, digital resources. These are continually being added to by the data and publications of academia, public institutions, government and commercial interests, though much lies beyond formal organisation and control in social and self-published content.

Digital Intelligence and Social Media Research have become the new 'capital' of the Knowledge Economy and Magus Digital understands this.

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