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Taking things forward

If there is interest in taking any, or all, of these ideas, or new ideas prompted by the concepts presented here, forward, on a consultancy basis; or if the support and guidance of a client's agent is required to help implement change, or embrace technology, in Business Intelligence, Marketing, Communications and Brand Management, or professional or academic research (including in Financial Services and Investment Banking, or Research Librarianship and the Subject Hubs of Library and Information Services), Magus Digital would be happy to discuss opportunities and explore ways of supporting clients and stakeholders in their future ventures.

For such enquiries please email:

Publishers and authors

Magus Digital provides expert eBook production services and is able to support publishers in the development of their e-publications, or in the development and implementation of their publishing strategies. We are also able to help professional publishers and designers make use of digital solutions. Magus Digital has its own virtual publishing house and e-book imprints, which demonstrate the effectiveness of its approaches by publishing role model examples and bringing them to market; and supports the independent and self-publishing markets for aspiring authors, content creators and special interest groups.

For enquiries about publishing please email:

If you are an author or content creator and wish to discuss the publication of your work by a Magus Digital imprint you may also email:

Further contact details:

Jonathan Stephenson

Magus Digital

strategic media consultancy : publication pathways : intelligent marketing

Cherry Tree House
DN10 5DF

m: 07894512102


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